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CoolDeSocks Socks Size Guide

Does Size Really Matter?

First of all, we are talking about socks. Socks are soft, flexible and stretchy, so use our size guide exactly as that… a guide. Unless you are looking to buy socks for a baby, then yes, they won’t fit!

What size socks do i need?

Sock Size can be surprisingly confusing! Sizes can vary across different brands, sock sizes are different than shoe sizes, and kids’ socks take the confusion to a whole new level. So how to choose the right size?

What’s your shoe size? That’s the easiest way to figure out your sock size. Consult the chart below as guidelines for selecting the right size for you.

Sock Size Chart

Here’s how our sock sizes convert to shoe sizes:

Sock Size Chart 

We try our best to make sizing easy on you. So, on every product page, you’ll find a line that says what shoe size will work for those socks. So if you know your shoe size — or the shoe size of the person you’re shopping for — you’re good to go.

What sock size for pre-teens or teens?

If you’re shopping for kids around age 13 or in the pre-teen years, it’s probably a good idea to just skip right to women's socks. If they’re not a perfect fit already, they’ll grow into ’em soon! A lot of boys in the middle school years don’t quite have large enough feet for men’s socks, so women’s styles are a great choice.

Sock Size Secrets

  • The simpler the pattern, the stretchier the sock. This is because complicated patterns may have many panels of different colored threads stitched together, like a quilt, which can limit stretching.
  • Many women with average size feet can wear men’s socks comfortably, and vice versa. If you see a pattern you love but it’s for a different gender, you might still consider giving it a try unless you have exceptionally small or large feet!