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About Us | Our Story

We are a quirky group of colorful optimists who want to spread the spirit of fun and funky socks into the world! We believes everyone has a unique voice that deserves to be heard. We believe ordinary can be extraordinary. We believe that the world would be a better place if everyone felt encouraged to be their authentic self.

CoolDeSocks was born from the need to express our personality through Socks. The idea behind CoolDeSocks is to dress up the everyday essential into something Funky, Quirky and Cool. Our Mission is simple: To put an end to boring socks, and become...

The Coolest Sock Store Ever!

We do this by bringing sock lovers across the globe a selection of comfortable, funky, fun, unusual, colorful, novelty, quirky and cool socks.

We focus on fresh, fun, novelty graphics made of high-quality materials, weaved with state of the art manufacturing. Our product uses the finest yarns to create a breathable, resilient sock with comfort toe seam and added arch support. Our socks are knitted with the utmost attention to detail, finest quality threads and held to the highest industry standards so you can feel good in the fun you wear. Currently we've got over 500 designs in our collections. So, we can guarantee that you can always find the perfect pairs to match your style and personality! 

Check out our collection, tailored to fit every taste, lifestyle, and smile. Get your pairs of CoolDeSocks now! and become a part of our movement to put a spring in everyone steps and radiate that joy to the world!